Frozen outsells fresh one million to one.  But if you are the one that can identify the fresh texture and the full bodied smoke flavour don’t settle for the smoked salmon in your frozen bunker.  Go to the fresh fish counter in your supermarket and ask for the “fresh-never-frozen” smoked salmon.  Freezing smoked salmon contract the cell tissue and breaks down the smoke particles.  The longer the product is in the freezer the more cell breakdown occurs.  Eventually the flesh becomes soft wet and mushy.  “Fresh-Never-Frozen will always be full bodied and flavourful.


  • Fresh salmon is flown in from the oceans of the world.
  • Gently hand rubbed with salt and sugar and dry brined – never immersed in water.
  • Chemicals or preservatives or never used in our process!
  • Rinsed with fresh water, cold smoked for 12 hours until firm dry and smoked to perfection.
  • Skinned and fully trimmed of all fat, tail and head slices.
  • Sliced on our high speed, hands free fresh slicers.
  • Vacuum packed in air permeable pouches.
  • Ready to be enjoyed by a discerning smoked salmon connoisseur.


Available in most supermarkets and your local deli

Served in better dining rooms across the country