About Us

Our History and Team

Central Smoked Fish started smoking and distributing fish in 1952 near the old stockyards in the west Toronto.  In 1997 we changed our name to Central-Epicure Food Products Ltd. so as to better represent the large range of products we now process and distribute.

During our long history we merged with or purchased many other fish plants – incorporating their unique products, staff and expertise.  We are one of the few plants that have the expertise to process both hot and cold smoked (Russian Style) smoked fish.  Our team of 65 experienced employees takes great pride in the food they produce.

Central-Epicure was one of Canada’s first fish plants to embrace the principals of HACCP and QMP and continue to believe that food safety is one of our first priorities.

The Nadler family has owned and managed the company since 1974 – establishing strong alliances with our many suppliers and customers.

Management Team:

Harry Nadler – President & CEO

Daniel Nadler – Vice President, Production

Michael Nadler – Vice President, Sales

Rick Proteau – Plant Manager

Gali Yissar – Quality Assurance Manager/ SQF Practitioner


Our Plant

Our 40,000sf facility is one of North America largest smoked fish plants.  We process more smoked fish varieties than any other processor.  Our modern computerized smoke houses produce a consistently uniform product that consumers can always depend on to be tasty and safe.

We are unique in offering a “fresh-never-frozen” sliced smoked salmon produced on our high speed “hands free” machines.

Laboratory testing of our products, plant environment and production personnel are performed on a regular basis throughout the day to ensure our products are safe and wholesome in addition to being tasty. The plant is “fogged” nightly with a disinfecting spray that kills molds, mildew and bacteria – starting everyday with a sterile working environment.


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